Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
I feel like crying right now

Im sorry for everything i've ever done to hurt you.
im sorry for the pain
im sorry for the things i said

im sorry for breaking up with you, believe me if i could do things over, we'd still be together right now and id treat you so much better. i still love you baby and i hate myself for leaving you. i just want you to take me back, although i could never say that to your face. you dont know how much i still love you. your all i think about, and all i want to think about.
i feel like crying right now. knowing that you will never take me back makes my heart shatter.
im so sorry for causing you that much pain when we broke up. it was hard for me but nowhere near the torture it was for you. i can never forgive myself for that.
i feel pathetic for writing on this but its not as if i can tell you exactly how i feel without you never speaking to me again.
i cant even express how i feel on here! its too complicated. all i know is i love you, miss you, brake my heart for you xo.


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