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Though gone you're still my soul

It's too late now I just wanna say I'm sorry:
for the times I wasn't there
the times I lied
the times I ran, relizing only hurting myself but not you as well
for waisting your love the one I've wanted and fought for so much time
for saying I love you not showing it
for paying attention to people and their oppinion
for really paying more attention to mine than I did yours
for the times when I was hurt and didn't call you
for the times I offended you even in front of people
for the mess of mistakes we're both in
for not having the streinth to forgive
now for not having the streinth to say this to your face
for not knowing when to give up
I'm so sorry for where this ends up. I know now I need to let go ... though it's hard and I will miss you I just want you to know one last time I love you always have... always will... I love the big messes you put me through, the way you complicate things, the way you fight for what is right, the ways you show me you care, the way you're always there... even now... the way you look at me...sometimes like I'm the love of your life, the way you tell me you hate me struugling in my arms I adore the way you say I love you I adore the world I see in your eyes I adore every single part of your body and the way mine is like made for yours I love the way you make me love the person that I am when I'm arrownd you I hate the stupid mistakes I made and if I had just one more chance I'd never let that happend
Though gone you're still my soul, my love, my passion, my insperation and my life just hope you find happiness.
ever mine
ever thine
ever ours


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