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Key to my heart

I wish I truly could tell you of the pain I feel. To be the man you once looked into his eyes and read his heart. To feel a connection with you I have never felt with another person ever. To only want you as you wanted me. Now you say I don't want you to ever contact me again. You say your with your fiance. Does he look into your soul like I use to? Does he see your pain and want to make everything troubling go away? You lied to me about your feelings. Your still lying to me because your scared. You want to run away and hide because I have made you vulnerable. You have your wish. I will stay out of your life forever. My heart is broken and it will never be the same without you. I fear my trouble will never go away because your the only person with the key to my heart. I wish you well with your life. Deep down the both of us know what happened between us. I know what I felt from you was true love.


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