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I'm so stupid

i'm so stupid. i always get mad at you and say you dont love me anymore and say you dont care about me. i always bring up the past
and i'm sorry i get mad so much and say i hate you and say that i'm done with you
i just get so mad when so many people tell me all this stuff about you. i'm sorry for walking away from you yesterday and i'm sorry i doubt you all the time
i love you and i know its early to say it
but you just make me so happy
when i'm with you, the world stops and is perfect.
i wish i could be with you everyday. the days i dont talk to you or see you are such bad days.
i'm sorry that when you chased after me i told you that i didn't want to talk to you.
i'm sorry i told you that i'm over you and that i cant do this anymore.
and i'm sorry that you seem like you dont even care.
i'm just so sorry
and i wish i could take everything back but i know i cant
and i'm trying so hard right now to just stay strong but i really cant.
i'm sorry i love you and i want you back.
i'm so stupid


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