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Sorry for hitting

I'm sorry for hiting you in the face and I do still have fellings for you but i no its over and ill get over it i like tha fact that we can still be friends.
you meant everything to me and still do;
and always will im glad we can be friends and joke and hang out an have fun . ill still remember those days that you would hold me and id hold you back. but maybe sometime in life we can try this again and make it last. i shouldnt of come upstairs and started to fight with you over hanging out wit him. its your life and i cant run it. and im sorry for ever making you mad and saying things about the baby. im saying sorry on here becuz if i say all this to your face ill break down in tears . i kno that you and me will be great friends . our relationship was perfect to me . and you was perfect we fought alot but i started it all the time and you was always the one to finish it. i wish things could go back to normal between us but it wont ; i still think of them nights at my dads my room a mess and my bed always breaking and you didnt care you would lay with me on the floor and hold me close and tight and i remember that one time yyou helped me home cause i was drunk and took care of me even tho i was puking all over myself . and when we lost the baby you stayed all night with me in the hospital . but the thingi remeber the most was how you asked me out. when u demanded it . ill always love you no matter what. there was this one time we was sitten on the stairs and i started to cry randomly becuz i loved you so much & im thankful you was there in my life for that time we spent together . you was there when my mom disowned me. you was my true love and im sorry for hurting you. i hope you remember all the good times we shared and the last thing im going to say is im sorry


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