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My lonely angel

I wake up and the first thing i still think of is you, i go to school, and then go home each day thinking of you, its like clockwork, it keeps on ticking and i keep on thinking of you, i can't stop it.

I'm sorry i couldn't be the person you wanted me to be, the girl that you could trust and be that one only person that you could love completely, im so sorry i couldn't do that.

I still love you though, no matter how far our distance both ways, i'll still always love you for years to come and nothing will change that, i probably wont be able to love a person as much as i loved you.

You weren't exactly always i felt distant, i felt like i didn't feel important to you anymore, i tried hiding it for awhile, pretending nothing was wrong, acting like everything was alright..that only worked for so long and then the reality hit me that i couldn't do it anymore, you deserve someone better, and im sorry i can't be that person that you can love, and im sorry i had to end it. Its better on you that i did.

I love you, i always will, you deserve the most amazing person in the world, i hope you can find someone that will love you as much as i did...even more than i did, My lonely angel.


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