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She's gonna hurt you

i'm sorry. there's not much that you can say. i'm sorry that i love you. but i can't change that. i'm sorry that you don't feel the same way i do. i'm sorry that you love HER and can't see she's gonna hurt you like she has to so many others. i'm sorry you can't see that. i'm sorry that you won't listen to anything i have to say. i'm sorry that you don't see i'm only trying to help. i'm sorry i'm not her. i'm sorry i'm not good enough for you. but i still love you...and it's not gonna change that easy. not as easy as you want it too anyway. i'm sorry that i won't change for you and no matter how many other girls you bring up when we're talking, that i'm not that girl. i'm sorry that i'm just a friend. i'm sorry you can't see me for who i am anymore like you used too. but i'm sorry... that i CAN'T, that i WON'T, ever stop loving you. i'm sorry that you don't understand that. i'm sorry - i'm not the girl you want me to be. i'm sorry for everything that i've done wrong. Luv ya


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