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Can't help missing you, Dear

It's three in the morning. I'm still awake thinking how you are doing. Are you still thinking of that old fellow? Is she still having a place in your life or you are just busy and life is taking you too far.I'm thinking about every single word either spoken or unspoken. I used to look at you and felt that you were reading my thoughts. No one has ever had such a power over me.I used to read everything in your mind too.A lot of questions you never asked, lots of excuses never given and thoughts I wanted you to storm. You were reserved too much making alot of dams between us and finally you burnt all the bridges between me and you.You refused to talk to me even to answer my requests. I felt I spilled all my pride just to keep our frienship radiant just because I thought that you are the best I've ever known in my life , but you smashed it for a reason I don't know, so far.Sometimes, I think, I must have hurt you without being conscious.May be I caused troubles in your family life without meaning it. Or may be I was asking s.thing wrong without intending???
By the way ,If I was bothering or troublesome, if I'm harming your life some how so I'm so sorry. My heart aches me so bad to be no longer your friend.It's tremendously tough to seem strangers and to behave like strangers. But , I will do it if I must. yet, I'm so sorry cos I can't help missing you, dear.


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