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Climbing Everest

ive messed everything we had up, i know that. when i first met you i was with someone else. i told you we'd been together 18 months but really it was only 6, i dont know why i said this but i did, i cant take it back if i could i would in a heart beat! I forgot all about it and when you asked me how many people id ever slept with i was more then happy to tell you. somehow you have a fantastic memory and worked out that if id been with him for 18months i must of cheated on him 5 times. obviously this isnt true and i corrected myself straight away and now your telling me you dont believe a word that coms outta my mouth, i would do anything to make it better, take it back and what we had was incredible! we just clicked, fitted into each others lives so easily, saw each other every almost every day and were amazing in everyway but now you cant trust me and you broke up with me via text saying i had 'truth' issues. i have apologised acuzzilion times if climbing everest would help youd just have to give me the time to get there! im so sorry that i lied and im sorry that you feel that we cannot work on keeping what we have, i know you still love me just as much as i do you but there is nothing else i can do but give you the time to try to forgive me which im becoming less and less optimistic about! im sorry, really and truely you are everything to me and i miss you dearly, i love you.


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