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Treat me sweet

Baby boo,
I'm very sorry that've hurt you, i'm sorry that i've made u cried and broke your soft heart. I should've know that my ex is a player and yet i cheated and lied to u when i was chatting,flirting with him. Now as i've tell you all my lies and hides i do feel better and i know you're suffering there. i know when u call me a slut,cheap and a easy girl wasn't what u really meant.I believe you were just angry at what i've did and how i betrayed your love. I know im wrong already, that is why i tell u everything in the end. I really hope you would treat me as sweet as u did last time. I will change and i will prove to u that i'm no longer that type of girl. I love you baby, i always do. Im sorry for all i've done, i know its too late to regret that is why i wana make it up to you. Please forgive me, lets celebrate our 1st year anniversary together happily next week. Baby, im sorry.


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