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Sorry for everything

im sorry for being like this...somehow even if were not talking..well even if your not talking to still meking effort for us to get back together im really sorry for being like some point in our relationship you said i made us this way???well the truth is it was you that made us this sorry if somehow i make you feel like...confused and you made feel the same way.. but some how i still manage to be here for you and stay here even like this people change and life is moving on but somehow i get stuck with you on my mind...somehow i wan teverything to be back to the way it was before but i know we cant....sorry for this i know you blame so im saying sorry for everything taking all teh blame...just to have you back even as a long as i have you back with sorry for eveything i put you through dont mind me..and what im feeling right now...all i want to do now is to get you back an dim sorry for eveything


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