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"D" you know sorry is the hardest word, i know that i hurt you and i wish to be the last person in the world to hurt you. Maybe to feel how i feel you need to be in my side, maybe i am not so strong like you are, maybe this girl sometimes act stupidity and fall dawn, i wish to erase that date of the calendar and that we continue having a good relation not based in time or distance, just closing our eyes and put me so close to you on your chest and sleep and awakes as just a bad dream or night mare passed. I cant back time but from my heart i am very sorry what i did to you, i told you i never cheat and i failed, you just feel it and i just cant hided from you. I wish the things be the same like in the past but i am sure can't, I called you yesterday and i feel like i was talking with a piece of ice, when you pray for me i just can't stop crying because i like to hear your prayers but i wish to hear something different, something from your heart but i guess your heart dont belong to me worst now. Isn't? i probably cry until the end of my days and probably you never know that, probably you never felt how i feel like a piece of trash or shit it is hard that i said that about myself but is the only way that i can talk about me, sorry for the pain i caused you. i know God will change your road very far away from me and it is imposible think to "live without you", ironic aha did some day i have you?, people learn of their mistakes. i will lear of my mistakes i just dont want to loose you. i can't feel what you feel right know, i can't go to your mind and know abouth your thoughts, i just one to close my eyes and put myslef in your soul so you can never put me away from you.........see you later alligator after while crocodile!!!!


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