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Over comfy barrier

well ever since me and my bf reached the one year mile stone going on 2 things have changed i know that people say its bcos his comfy and all that and we are becoming one but lately he has become to comfy and the sweet things are starting to fade away like holding my hand or suprising me with things and now bringing it up always turns into a big thing.. well we had and argument and i kinda let everything that had been bottled up slide out uhmmm might of over done it and used the wrong words maybe said the wrong things,,, althiugh i know thta i am wrong it made me even more upset that it sounded like he didnt care... i wanna get past this adn i want things to go back to the way they were... i love him theres no doubt about that but how do i bring acroos sorry whilst unblocking the over comfy barrier.


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