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When you needed me

If I would have told you my feelings long ago, maybe we could have avoided how things happened. My feelings for you took a long time to develop. Now I can't think of any other woman who I want as much as you. The way you would look at me and the way I would look at you meant something. I will never believe it didn't. I care about you as a person. You are a wonderful person. I have never known a woman I care about as much as you. This is the most pain I have ever felt. To want you so much and yet I don't know what to do about it. That hurts so bad. I wish I could just sit down and have that cup of coffee with you. But, now I think your so afraid of releasing your heart to me you can't do it. I want to hold your heart and your hand. I want to speak the words that you need to hear. It's crazy how much you mean to me. Common sense says I have fallen to far. But, I can't stop caring about you! I can't stop hoping everything in your life is okay! If I could put a smile on your face everyday for the rest of your life that would make me feel so good. To know the one woman I would die for is happy. To know she wouldn't be hurt be anymore players. To know she was safe and she could blossom into what God has for her. To be what she needs. To make her feel complete and satisfied with who she is and wants to be. To only bring her joy and to hold her when she's hurting. I am so sorry I didn't fall for you earlier when you needed me.


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