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My stupidity

My name is T* and recently, I hurt the one person who meant the most to me. I cheated on him with my ex. It was the same way his ex cheated on him and partial reason was that I did it to get back at him for hurting me. But... it shouldn't be like that. Two WRONGS do not make a right.

He just wrote back, telling me to tell him the truth without sugarcoating it. Well.. that time that P* dropped me off, nothing happened. I have never been more serious. And cheating on him recently was a ONE time thing. I really was not thinking. I don't want to get back with him, but I do miss him as a friend. And although I know it's wrong... But part of the reasons I did talk to him because it felt nice to have someone that makes me feel loved. I was so angry with you and I should've looked past my anger. I should've. If I did, none of this would happened.

I'm sorry I should have never told you I would never hurt you. In fact, no one should ever tell anyone that. But we're all humans and we all make mistakes. We are not perfect. God made us all with flaws. I'm putting my whole life in God's hands from this day on...

I'm truly sorry. I apologize for my stupidity. I know this apology probably means little to you.. But I did stopped you from making it public... So this is one of the ways I'm making it up to you. Telling the whole world my mistakes. I want nothing more than to stop your pain and make you happy for the rest of your life. You are my goofy hubby. You are my strength. You are the sun to a brand new day and you are the lullaby to my night.

I love you more than anything and anyone else. And thank you for always trying your best and thank you for loving me and thank you for giving me a second chance. You are... unbelievable. You are God-sent.

Thank you darling.


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