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You don't know this, but i couldn't get mad at you for cheating on me cuz i had done the same and shortly after i found out you had, i also did the same thing you did, i broke up with "it". i love you with all my heart and it pains me to know i'll never see your face again, hear your voice again, be able to love you again, tease you again, see your delighting smile again, make memories with you again. i remember the scrambler, my head on your comforting shoulder, your gentle hand in mine, your soft lips brush against my hand, nose, and shouler, you whisper in my ear "i love you babii" i remember it as if it was just yesterday. i'm sorry i left. i'm sorry i constantly nagged you about ignoring my calls, and texts, etc. i only did because i loved you and every moment i spend away from you or not talking to you kills me. you are the center of my universe, the love of my life, the sun in my sky, my homie, best friend, and lover, you are the most special thing that ever happened to me, the reason why i get up every morning and face my dreadful life, my strength, my weakness, my heart, my soul, my everything. i come to tell you, i never ever wanna completely lose you, you'll always be in my heart, but i want to still always be able to talk to you, and share my feelings with you, and care for you, and kiss you, and be yours. you mean more to me than words could possibly explain. and that girlfriend you have now could never ever compare her "love" for you to mine. it kills me seeing you sad, it brightens my day when i see your smile and see you happy, it enlightens me to know that you love me so much. but it hurts me when you refuse to talk to me, cuz i could go hours, days, months, years, decades, or even centuries just talking to you the whole time. i want you to love me, i want you to care for me, i want you to want me, i want you to talk to me all the time, i want you to be with me forever, i want you by my side always. i know you hate to know when i'm crying, but i am, and to know you love some girl, and it isn't me, kills me inside. i wanna be the one you wake up next to every morning, the one you wanna spend all your time with, the one you wanna talk to all day, the one your heart belongs to, the one you marry, the one you call "babii", the one who no matter wat, you can't let go of. i want you back, and i don't wanna lose you again. i wanna keep you forever && always. can you not see my pain? the controlling is exactly wat my dad had done to my mom, i can't live like that, you know how badly my dad screwed up my life, do you wanna be like him too? do you wanna screw up my life just like my dad did? my heart belongs to you, always has, and always will. i've always been here for you, and i'm not stopping that now. that crazy white afro guy was right. but wat i don't get is shortly after we make so many memories, and i have to go home, you break up with me. it makes no sense whatsoever to me. did it really mean anything to you? or am i just another girl on your long list of girlfriends? do you really mean the things that you say to me? do you really want to try working things out with me and talking to me? don't you know that the easiest way to calm me down when i'm mad at you, is to just show loving gestures and tell me you're sorry and will try your best to make up for it? do you truly even know me? i know you very well. remember that one time i told you that i knew like everything about you and you started quizzing me and asking me questions? that's an example of wat i'm saying. i observe your moods and experiment with different ways of how to change them. i know long distance relationships are hard, but i know that you and i together can overcome it. i can't give you up and i can't stop loving you no matter how hard i try. do you feel the same way? we shared so many laughs, so many tears, so many extravagant memories. why not make more? i know we can overcome this, but do you? do you truly believe we can overcome this? do you truly want to try?


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