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I still love you

I think about you everynight before i go to sleep, and i wake up knowing i won't hear your voice anymore. yeah, you text me randomly just to say hey; but i want more than that from you. i want them to say 'hey beautiful' or 'hey' with a smile. i actually want those four hour late night phone calls, and those midnight sneak outs just to see you. Like, i smile when we talk because you give me butterflys, and i stay up late staring at my phone. i'm sorry i want what you cant see. and im sorry i try for something that can't be. i'm sorry i cry when i fall asleep, and im sorry for lieing when i say i dont need you. but you need to NOT sorry for falling in love with you. i just can never get the nerve to tell you that you did hurt me and that i STILL love you, im sorry.


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