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I love my guy T** more than anyone else in the world. I would NEVER do anything to hurt him on purpose. But because he has lost his trust in me, he cannot believe me in my mistake.

I was planning on visiting a friend who lives a few hours away to hang out and have some fun with. However, in honesty, I had let my boyfriend know that I was attracted to this friend I was going to visit(when he and I were broken up), and that he was a really great guy.

He assumed I was visiting this friend to cheat on him. And even if I didn't go to cheat I would have been kissed. And that was bad enough. I didn't tell him about planningthe trip, and when I did, it was after I had canceled going at all because I realized that it would have made him uncomfortable.

Tim, I'm sorry about planning to see g*** and not telling you, and I'm sorry you can't trust me enough when I say that I was never planning on going to mess around with my friend.

I'll always love you. I'm sorry. I hope someday you can understand it was not what you think, and that this is not the end of us because of this mistake.


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