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Jealosy spoils romance

so i was with this girl for three years and jelousy has been a big factor on my part. well we broke up and we were i guess you call it "friends with benifits" for a few months and we were talkin about goin back out then the other day we were working out together and when we were done she says i have a boyfriend now. so im ready to kill this guy, so i call this guy because i went to school with him and tell him imma fight him and things. but i promised her i wouldnt say that. so i said it then she wantde me to apoligize and couldnt do it bacause she killed me in side it felt like she just ripped my heart outta my body. so i tell her that i apoligized and we went back to bein friends for about 2 hours then the guy tells her what i said and then she wont talk to me.

but any way im sorry about bein jelous and maybe if i wasnt so jelous it would be diffrent. but im not reaally the best person cuz im not like all these other people i was raised around ignorant people in the hood and i hate it more than anything im sorry that i was bad to you and called you names i shouldnt have and stuff. i dont know what to do. this is bothering me man. im sorry and i love you like no other man could...


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