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Threw boyfriend out

My boyfriend of 2 yrs was wonderful in the beginning. As time grew I learned of a drug addiction, porn addiction and his drinking problems he kept well secluded. Since we had time to bond and fall in love time had already passed, and I became hopelessly attched to this known "loser" it was hard to say good bye since I realized that changing him was not going to work. As we all know that change has to come from within. The fashion in which I decieded to split with him was unfair, even though it was well desrved, he is still a human being and I threw him out of my home. Although I was truely decieved I feel so bad about my actions, yet I know its for the best. I was praying that in time he would want to better himself and realize his part of diminshing my love for him and perhaps work things out. I love him more than he'll ever know, regaurdless of the outcome.


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