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Accidental broken nose

My wife and I have been married a little over 18 months... we got married about 2 weeks before our beautiful daughter was born.
Now a little back story... we have been together for over 5 years. We have split up a total of 4 time in our years together... we have both done our share of cheating. her more than I, but that does not make either one of us right.
Two days before new years, I got angry because she was snuggling with a guy who I thought was my friend, and I lost my temper. I had his cell phone in my hand, and she told me to EFF off and go to "Some place warm" So I threw the phone in her direction as I was turning away... it hit her in the face and fractured her nose... since then I have signed up for therapy and anger management, but she does not seem to care... it was an accident but she thinks that I did it intentionally and wants a divorce... I just want her to know that I am sorry, I did not do it on purpose, and no matter what she does, I will always love her... I meant it when I said, for better or worse...


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