Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
Why do you love me

im sorry ...
for wasting your time
for promising my love
for be the girl i was

im sorry...
for being so shy
for not calling you back
for walking away at the worst time

i will love you forever and ever
i swear thats not a lie

when i see you one day i'll walk away and cry

i hope one day you realie my love was not a lie
cause the day i said i loved you...
was the day you told me why

you told me...i was shocked
i blanked out and couldnt talk
you laughed and said whats wrong
i turned and tried to run

you caught my arm and asked me once more
why do you love me love
i would really like to know

i stared at you and started to cry and just said...
i dont know


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