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Can't take what we give out

It's been a long road.You were married,we were intimate,along came baby.You moved in got divorced,baby came we were happy.Lost your job I loved you still.Hanging out was more important than job hunting.I remember you came home soo drunk I was scared to leave our daughter with you(good thing my niece was there).I grew tired and wanted to move on but you fought for me you would do good for awhile and things would start over all again.I took our daughter and moved away loving you more than the miles in between.We agreed to try again take it slow let it grow and we did for over a year.During that time I discovered relationships that you had,I had one as well,I felt as is we would not make it I moved on and married an ex(mistake but needed to be loved)you knew all this accepted it all still working on us through it all.Spending more time with you than the man at home.Now here we are month before my divorce and you have another.You tell me you love me but cannot be with me.You put her 2 months before our 5 years and it's ok by you.You have no relationship with our daughter and that makes my blood boil but through it all I love you still.I us to work for our daughter and our selves as well but you hate me so it's just unreal.How can so much be invested in a person and not your family.When we made our daughter did we agree to make this work?Did we agree that always is our forever.I hurt inside but I am wise and must say you will see that this is not the way.You may be on the new relationship high but all must come down and when no one is around what will you have.ME.I love you and I must let you see your faults.It just amazes me we cannot take what we give out.


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