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Love was never enough

I loved you, way more than i thought i could.
I dedicated 1 yr. and four months to you and me.
Thought it could last but, i threw it away.
This is my letter to you. last letter. last time ill ever think of you this way.It's been 7 months. Ive got to realize that my love was never enough for you, im not enough. Ive got to realize your not coming back.
But my love wont go away.

so , yes ive been really mean and rude to you.
and this is my last apology, i am truely sorry.
at some points ive had no reason to be mad/mean
to you or at you, but yet i have been.
But you have to understand,
that caring for someone so much and everything that
was going on it was hard. i wanted to be able to be
your friend, i really did. its just with trying to
get over you and the feelings i had for you were
hard enough without having to see you everyday.
it was harder for me to try and be your friend than
just ignore you. and i really wasnt strong enough to
handle that.I realized that i couldnt be nice to you
until i got over everything we had and my feelings for you.
i hadnt planned on hating you forever, just until
i could face you again. but ive realized that these
feelings are never going to go away i didnt lie when i said
id feel them forever, but i can finally set them aside
so i know im just going to have to forget
about it all. it is hard for me to treat you as just any
other person. but i will learn to do it. i think im finally
where i need to be so that i can talk to you without
so much hate. the only thing that this message even has to say is just im sorry for being mean and why i have been mean. i really hope now that selfish meannes is gone, that we can finally be friends? & I have Honestly never been more happy for you,and im not lying or joking one bit. She is absolutly perfect for you in everyway & shes so nice.she can actually give you anything you need.i hope we can all become better friends now. no more group spilts or anything. and i dont know if you remember the one day about a month ago when i got really mad at you and me and our friend drama stuff with you? well im verry sorry for that.i found out stuff about you and "the new girl" all the stuff you promised youd only do with me.. im just going to say that i wasnt happy. it hurt. but it shouldnt have and i shouldnt have taken it out like i did to you. ive learned to just be happy for your happiness. you werent a 'perfect' boyfriend and i wasnt a 'perfect' girlfriend. and i dont think we ever will be to anyone. but i think we can be great friends to each other.after all we did know each other pretty well. and this is the last time i plan on having to write any apology things. because i really think im finally seeing things clearly for once. now that ive been double thinking everything.haa. so i wanted to writethis now becasue i graduate in like 5 months. and i wanted time for the whole group to finally be able to be back together for awile?i dont know who all will agree with me or not out of us.
but i dont care. i want to be friends with everyone again
theres absolutly no reason to hate.we went through to much tohate each other now.
uhm.sorry for writing so much too.but you know i can only get what i want to say out
in writing it.


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