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My spirit is broken

I met and dated a man twenty years younger. It was off the hook. The relationship was full of lies deciet and cheating. I supported him,and his Best friend, I gave all I had. I jumped when ever he said to. I answered all request. I put my seventeen years of recovery at stake. I am so screwed up, because I never loved like this before. Anything eles will seem pale and shallow. I fall in pieces everynight thinking of the time we spent, love we shared, times we laughed, and the thought of lost love. Self esteem took a hard hit. self respect is dwindling, and self accpetance is raw. My spirit is broken, my smile is dim. But I'am still clean and sober.I wake everynight at 3:00am with thoughts of him, I weep back to sleep.I'm so sorry to myself. I forgive me, and accept that forgiveness-


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