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Okay yea i made a mistake i prtened to be sum1 im not
and i fell for a guy we've been talk for a while now...
and he said "if yur fake just tell me cuz i don't care what oyu look like i fell for your personality" so i said yea thanks... then one day i got the gurts and i tought he was playin me... so i sent him a pic of the real me and said "haha my cuzin is cuter then you..." "and he say yea cool"
so i said "you think she's ugly don't you" he said "no" i was surpried and he said "is it you baby?" i didnt wanna say yes but i said "she can't be yur baby she ugly" and he said "is it you" i said "yes" so kno we talk on my profile and he still loves me and i love him... we fell together... and i can't really explain how i feel anymore... but we talk the same as we did when i was a hot chick lol i love you babe... we're still no datin thoe i think we will soon i hope hahaha! i love you so much LOLZ


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