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New Year's Eve

New Years Eve, Im Partying with some of my friends and my boyfriend of almost two years. It hits 12am 2009 begins and Im waiting for my New Year Kiss when one of our friends, this cool, but not so attractive, completly wasted guy, he was yelling Wheres My New Year Kiss, so i turned around to air blow him a kiss when he kissed me. I was sick to my stomache. I made a grossed out face and turned to my boyfriend and threw my arms around him. All night he was avoiding me and ignoring me, like i was an annoying dog. He has a past of ex's cheating on him, and i promised never to do that, and i dont think i did.
I want to appologize to Zack. I love you with all of my heart and I want us to be alright.

Thanks, and Zack...Im sorry.


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