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I deserve it

She was the best thing to ever happen to me. She was as beautiful on the inside as she on the out. I treated her like shit. I didnt appreciate her. But still she stood by me.God knows i didnt deserve how much she loved me. I guess i finally pushed her 2 far.Now she's gone. This time..she isnt coming back.But God please..just let her know im sorry baby. She ain't coming back. I miss her.I love her. Everything inside it didnt come out right.I wouldnt let myself cry.Im sorry..i shouldnt of yelled at her..when i saw her cry i wanted to die.The moment she walked out my door. I hit my knees..and fell apart. Im sorry about all the things i said to you.And i know i cant take it back. Im sorry about all the things i did to you.All the lies i told you.Every single day..i think about how we came all this way..all our sleepless nights and the tears you cried.Im sorry baby.I didnt think it would hurt this much. But i deserve it. im sorry.


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