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Feet not touching Earth

This letter is long much happened in these past weeks...
And before I finally accept that what I am feeling is a mistake, I want you to know that all this time I have been loving you.
My love for you might be strange. Maybe this love for you is not from this world at all, but it is real because I feel it deep within my soul. What I felt with you went beyond my human experience and understanding. It was blissfull and oh so powerfull...How could it be tamed and subdued? I am sorry if I lost control and fell head over heels for you.
Didn't everybody notice that my feet were not touching Earth anymore?
Couldn't everybody hear the furious beating of my heart?
Wasn't everybody noticing the passion in my eyes and lips? Raw lust taking my breath away with every spoken and unspoken word.
How could I hide all this from my wise life partner?
And I hoped by some mireacle that you might intuitevely know all this. I know it is unfair but then, when did we have a chance to talk?
I was so confused, I still am. Maybee you are too...maybe you don't give a dam. I don't even know what you feel...
Just in case,
I am sorry if I hurt you in any way. It makes me sad to think I lost your friendship. I hope one day you will understand me and forgive me.


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