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It all started out when i started to hang out with my brother nicky and his friends.i would just hang with them as if they're my friends. Then i started to talk to his friends more and started to like them. then tommy came around and i started to like him,and i went out with him, but then his other friend bryan came around. my being stupid started to like bryan. so i dumped tommy and went out with bryan. i didnt know who i liked at that time so i kept switching off with them. i went out with them both 3 times. and now none of them like me anymore. bryan moved and tommy is inlove with my sister in law tabby. and i get really jelous when ever they talk to hang out because it seems like he dont give a crap about me. i just wanted to say sorry to tommy for being stupid that i broke up with him. that i truly to still love him, but i know he wont ever feel the same way towards me. all i wanted to say was that im sorry and i hope you can forgive me and treat my like im actually worth something. not someone you can just use to do stuff with.


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