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"Tommy" and "Laura" were lovers--not any more all started when i moved n went to a new school n i met this boy eric..we went out n w/e but he ended up breaking up with me 10 days later. a couple months later i liked his friend tommy. god i loved him alot...n i would go to his base ball games to cheer him on. everything between me n him were great...n then the worst day of my life happend when i went 2 one of his games n eric was there. eric saw me n tommy kissing n i guess he got jealous cuz that night he called me (when i got home) n we were talking n he said that he still likes me n w/e. so i sorta liked him 2. so i he came 2 my house the next day n we were kissing. n tommy heard it from eric cuz eric coudlnt keep it from him becuz he felt bad n so did i. n when tommy told me to choose between being with him or being with eric who broke my heart already n prolly will do it again. me being the idiot that i was..i chose eric over tommy. tommy cryed n cryed so much. i felt really! bad......well sure enough tommy was right...eric dumped me 8 days later. i'v been angry at myself ever since then n not to mention teh hatred i receive dfrom tommy. but then he started to like me again after i've been with my new bf nick for 4 months. now everyone thinks i like tommy but i cant i hurt i have a bf already n im not cheatin on him. i have had to live with tha fact that i hurt tommy whether he forgave me or n tommy r friend tho we talk n joke around n stuff...but long story short..all i want to say is tommy im sry i hurt u. n 2 everyone with the same problem.....listen to ur heart..cuz i didnt.


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