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Gone to Scotland

it all started when you moved in by me best friends house and we came up to help you strip the wallpaper off in the house so you could redecorate over that horrible big dog on your bedroom wall. from the first time i saw you i new there was something special about you but i couldn't put my finger on wat it was. i new i wanted to be with you but i didnt want are friend now that i had any feeling towards you so i just kept saying that i didnt like you and that you were weird. but you were far from that you were the compleat opposite. everytime i was at the friend house i wanted to go and see you but you didnt want anything to do with me because of the ay i was treating you, which i can understand. but i would do anything to get you to come out just so i could see you, like hid in the boot. then that saturday that we both ended up at the swimming pool with the big inflatable. the first time it was just me and you and i could sortof show you how i felt towards you. we played and had so much fun messing round and we ended up texting eachover until like one in the morning or something wen we final asked eachover out. i was over the moon. i was going over to are friends house any the next morning so i could come and see you but we agreed to not tell him that we are goin out at first. but that failed strait away cos the first fing that i wanted to do is go up and see you. we meet at the tree house but we were both real shy and wouldnt go near eachover until in the end he had to push us together to get us to hug but wen we did final hug it was the so amazing. after that we went and first sat in the tak room were his dad came in and noticed that we were holding hand and from then on he never let it go that we were holding hands n stuff. after going into the loft and sitting and chatting your mum had to ruin it all by makin you go home without a hug because we were too shy :( weeks went on and we were getting more confident round eachover until i asked to have a goodbye kiss for the first time by the gate at your house. wat a fight we had :) thing were goin grate until just befor you 13th b-day wen we split up :( and i started being rele horrbible to you again until we got to the point were you wouldnt talk to me atall because of the fings i was saying to you. i carryed on being like this too you until one day just after you 15th b-day wen we started text eachover again and putting love you at the end of the message then later i turned up on the road opposite your house and rang you for the first time in ages to see if you would come out but you didnt notice that i was opposite you and could see you painting the bathroom. so i turned round and went home at which point you noticed where i was but it was too late i was riding home again. but later that nite you texted me and asked me to go back round you house. it was soo scary going back into you house and seeing your mum agen even tho the first fing you did was kick her out the living room and tell her to watch tv in your room so we could be on are own n watch tv downstaires and talk. i was so good to be talking to you again n all i wanted to do was give you a nice hug but i was scared that you wouldnt like it so i started giving hugging you by putting my arms round you and squeezing rele hard to make it look as if i didnt care, until you "showed" me how to hug nicely and it felt grate just to be in your arms again. things moved on rele quite fast n we started spending loads of time together again and goin out to the cinema with a load of your friend but me and you sat in the row behind them and were messing round and eating straws until we both ate the same one at different end like in lady and the tramp until are lips final met again. after doing that a few times we gave up using the straw and just started kissing again. after the cinema walking round town you gave me a lucky 20p that we put in my coat pocket for safe keeping. we were spending most days togever and went to walse camping with your parents then a weekend away with my parents. where we had are first failed attemped at "doing it" which was so enbarising but we tryed again wen we got home at you house one day were it went a bit better. things were going grate again until one day your parents droped a bomb shell. your moving to scotland. as soon as you said that i was like if your going then so am i and i dont care wat i have to do if u go then im going. along came you b-day and your family moved to scotland but you stayed with me at my house until you finished your exams. the werst 3 months of you life not just cos your exams, then the day finaly came wen we moved to scotland to start a new life together we were having a great time living with eachover until we picked little cle cle up and i had to share you with her, but it was ok because she saw almost as cute as you. then we went on almost are own holiday we had are own appartment and cooked most are own food and done wat we wanted. along came your birthday which i realy messed up for you by having to work and then to add insult to injury tryed to blame you for it making you cry on your specal day :( things were getting better again as you final got your job and we were both earning so we could rent are own house. we got are little cottage and it was grate we could do wat we liked and wen we like. until the 12th november you had had enuf of me taking the piss and making you do everything and me not helping or showing that i loved you or giving you the respect you deserve. that was it you left me and went back to live with your parents that weekend me parents came up to see me and you came down to see me and we went out for a meal with bouth are parents. after the meal we went for a walk in the woods were we started talking about some things and rememberd how much we loved eachover and were walking round holding hand like we used too wen no-one else was watching. after the walk you had to work but you said you would come round to the cottage after work for supper that i promised, but once again i didnt deliver and u ended up making most of it for me and my parents after supper you had to go home for a shower befor you went back to work so i walked you back out to your car were we ended up talking for hours in the freezing cold until it was too late to go home you had to just go back to work. a few days passed and i was hoping you would come back but my horrible side poped its ugly head and i started being rele horrible again to you until it got to the point were you wouldnt talk to me again and the only reason we ended up talking was because i was round you house seeing the dog whilst you were out and you came home again. after a few harsh words between us are loving sides came back out and brought us back together until the point were i didnt want to leave you to go home. befor i left whilst giving you a hug i rele wanted to kiss you goodnight and went for it, luckiely so did you, that kiss was like are first kiss again and we both had butterflys from it. as time went on we had are ups and down until i decided to move back to my parents in england. on the day of leaving i came to give you a final hug befor going but it didnt end up being the happy goodbye we wanted. wen you came and opened the door you looked amazingly beautiful. i rele despratly wanted to hug and kiss you but i just couldnt and ended up not hugging you back so you pulled away n that was that. it was all over. driving home was the worst 10 hours driving of my life. why am i doing this?? im ment to be up there with you. all i kept finking on the way down was what mite have happend if i stayed just another day? or two? now living at home again all i can fink about is you, wat are you doing? are you ok? all i want to do now is go back up to be with you. my life is empty without you. all i had to do was help a bit and i would still be with you but once again i didnt do anything to help myself or you and its the worst mistake i have and will ever do as you are everything and im so sorry for the way i treated you and for now putting 500 miles between us. please will you ask me to come back and be with you?? hope to see you soon and love you with all my heart and miss you so so so much. you will always have my love and are in all my dreams. sweet dreams and hope one day we can share eachovers company again and live all are dreams together. miss you so much baby lots of love bill xXxXxXx


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