Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
Burned into my brain

The heart never forgets. Its been awhile. Since we last spoke. I finally told you i love you. You did not say it back. This time when i said im done..i meant it. I will never stop loving you. But i WILL move on and find better love. I know years from now. My heart will still have a special spot for you. No you dont deserve the love i feel for you. But i love you. You drop kicked me in the heart. I was shattered and broken. But somehow..i found the strenth within..i never knew i had. I still cry sometimes. B/c after everything we have been through. After everything i've done for you. you leave me crying in the rain..once again. Because even though we are through..we were meant to be..supposed to be..but you threw us away. I still wonder and worry about you. But i wish you happiness.and love.
I still wonder why does it always have to be goodybe with you and me???
I know minus better off. I didnt want to believe it then. When i watched you walk away..i'd never though i would say..i never thought i would be..ok again.
But as time goes by..and we dont talk at all. Our memories are burned into my brain and tattoo'd on my heart. I wish things could be better between us. Who knows what will happen down the road. Maybe someday i can look at you. Maybe someday we can be friends. As time goes love for you will never go away. The hardest thing for me to do was to let you go.And accept the facts that 1- i do love you. But your not the one for me. Down the road..when i look back on this.When i look back on all the pain you put me through..i'll be glad i did what i did. There are 2 things i am absolutely sure of..One-I love you. Two-im better off without you.
Be safe.
Im sorry
I never stopped loving you
And i never will
I wish things were different
But they are as they are supposed to be..


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