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Silence loves the Raven

I'm so sorry for being jealous. I'm sorry I love you, because I can't stop it. I'm sorry I hate your boyfriend, I'm sorry you turned me Bi, I'm sorry I've been obsessed with you for years, I'm sorry I've scared you on how scared I am because I think I might rape you. I'm sorry I've been temped to cut because it makes it better. I'm sorry your boyfriend wants to be inside of you-like I do, but pressures you into it. I'm sorry you feel bad when ever telling me how much you miss him because you never see each other. I'm sorry that you two never see each other. I'm sorry that that makes me happy. I'm sorry that I'm scared of the Raven, even though you love him. Because Silence loves the Raven, when Neon is left to die. I'm sorry my sweet, sweet beautiful Silence. I'm sorry I love you unconditionally.

~ Neon

(Those are not their real names)


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