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my dearest love,
it has been a long time sense i have written to you. and if i am in the wrong at doing so please feel free to erase this. i know you are busy but there is something on my mind . i have always loved you , even when it was thought to be wrong to do so. many people said loving you was not right but they were wrong. because if anything loving you made me find the strength to love others more. you accused me of never caring for you , my love i always put you closest to my heart because you were all i saw . it was not my love that wronged you , it was your distrust and jealousy that one day i would lose interest in you even though i had told you once before " there are no others." you remember that day it was your birthday and we had just started our journey of bliss and passion. i always loved you. but i know now that i can love you everyday because my heart wants what it wants but if you refuse than i have to be unselfish enough to let you go . and so my love i say this , if you choose to repeat your past alone and to stay unhapy than with a woman who has always put you above all others than i will have to let you do that alone. i am sorry for your past but understand one thing , a young woman forgave your past and loved you from the start and if you were to ask me if i had ever stopped loving you , my answer is - never. i want you to be happy. i am deeply sorry for loving you to much.


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