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Hoping angels keep together

i m sorry!!!i made love to someone else and i was drunk i know that s not a good excuse however i hope that u ll understand!i love you as i ve never loved anyone in my life!u r my angel!u say i m yr angel as well so let just continue!if our love is that strong we can get through anything!i know that the way u trust me maight change but the only think i want is forgivness!i know i hurt you badly!i know that it s not esy to forget about such a things!but look mabey both of us will not find another angels!u have all rights to tell me to leave u!but i ll always love u no matter what!in our relationship i can feel butterflies inside my stomach everytime i see u i can feel the love circle around us!so baby i m lettin u to think about it and now it s up to me to make u trust me again however u have to let me do it!your babo that will always love you!


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