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I cheated four times

I cheated on you four times in the begining of our relationship. I lied a lot to you, i was afraid of who i was. scared to show myself, when you found out about all the lies, and about the cheating, i thought it would get better just by me loving you. I now realize it wasn't enough. I should have showed how sorry i was not just cry and tell yo sorry and beg you to forgive me. It was a dumb mistake i made, i was only 15. I know we are still together, and yous till love me, but i also know you think about it all the time and thats why i anger you so easily. I cannot express the sorrow my heart holds for hurting you. I wish i could take it back, i have cried myself to sleep because i know i hurt you, and i never wanted to. I just want you to know, I am truley sorry, and i will make it better, i do love you, and i'll always be here, only for you.
Yours eternally, ~Jaded One~


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