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This is the most I've ever written

hey hun,

hope all is well. its been a long time since i have written a letter so if it has alot of typos or skips around alot im sorry
these r my thought, not necessary truth's just thought that im feeling atm with my heart. iim realy depressed. i dont know what to do. im so lost with out u in my life. i need u so bad. i think about u all the time, when im awake, when im
sleeping. when i sleep, while im just mullin over things. and the more i think about u the more it hurts and the more it hurts
the more i want u back. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! never in my lifehave i ever felt this way about anyone. i sit here and think
about u and cry all over the place. call me a wuss, call me sensetive whatever, i stay away from everyone cuz im ashamed of
my pain. i want to do better. everything was goin to get better. and u tell me to get out of YOUR LIFE!!! God that hurt sooooo bad. all i can so is
think about u. i want to grow old with u, i want to be the man u want, i am the man u want. i have changed alot. its been a week and i know
what i finaly want in my life.
all the signes where there and i didnt pay attention. i know i shouldve spent more time payin attentnion to u.but at the same time everytime
i tryed to spend it with u, u seemed like u didnt want to spend it with me. i sit here and i listen to the radio and when im finally not thinkin of u
a love song comes on and im screwed again. there u r all in my dome. my friends r gettin upset with me cuz all i do is talk
about how great u r. bout how much i love u, how much i miss u, about ur smile, ur laugh, the way u correct me when i do something or say something wrong, ur weird way of flirting with me and the way u look like ur not comfortable doin it. how u dont want to admit u have grey hair, how u complain bout ur feet, the way that u sleep and have that lil whistle when u exhale and i wanted to tell u this everday but i was afraid. now to think of it, alot of the things i wanted to do to u i was afraid, afraid of dissapointing u in my atempts to be romantic. i always thought it had to be like that movie the notebook. hell i cant compete with that. so i was afraid that if i did something wrong it wouldve started a fight adn i never wanted that. all i wanted to do was to make u happy and i didnt know how cuz i was scared. i know i have faults, as
do u, as does anyone. i know i wasnt the easiest guy to get along with but neither were u. but i was good to u. i didnt hit u, i didnt verbal abuse u. atleast i feel that i was anyway. i told u i would make things better. and i wouldve in time. WHY AM I IN SOOOO MUCH PAIN?!?!? WHY CANT I GET OVER U??? WHY CANT I DO ANYTHING RIGHT BY U? WHY CANT I GET U OUT OF MY HEAD?? WHY????? NO MATTER WHAT I DO UR THERE. LEAVE ME ALONE. GET AWAY!! I DONT WANT TO HURT ANYMORE!! OMG HELP ME PLZ!!! god help me, i dont want to hurt anymore, why cant she love me? what must i do to prove to her that she is the one i have been searchin for my entire life? oh god plz. help me i beg of u. i dont want this pain. i cant function with out her. plz god help me show her how i feel. i cant eat, i cant sleep and i cant
function, i hate to close my eyes cuz i dream of u. i hate to be awake cuz i think of u. u told me that it would get easier as time went by, well thats crap. its gotten worse for me. so many things i want to say but i dont know how to. i dont know how to say how i feel in a way that isnt corny or sound fake. GOD IM AN IDIOT!!!. I MAKE ALL THE WRONG DECISIONS IN MY LIFE. and u were always there to be my reasoning. u would calm me down when i got upset. GOD WHY DONT U LOVE ME????
well, i dont want anyone else in my life. i dont want anyone that isnt u. i just now realized that i only lived cuz of u. i have been waitin on u my whole life and now finally have a purpose again. my life is urs, do with it as u wish. i dont want to hurt anymore. i want the pain to go away. i cant handle it. every time i talk to u before i hang up i told u that i love u and u never said it back. i use to think that guys that wanted to kill themselvs over women where stupid adn now i know what they were tryin to say. they didnt want the pain either. i never knew what love was till u. when u truely love someone u do whatever u have to stay together, i love you with all of my soul, my fiber, my being. u were never mrs right now. u were always mrs right. u r my soul mate. I WANT TO MAKE U MY WIFE!!!. u know i can be what u need and u know this. u have said it
before. u r my whole world and with out u i have nothing. i would give u the universe if i could have u back one more time. by the time u get this letter ill be just a memory that was no good and meant nothing to u. this is the most i have ever written to a woman in my life, all i want is u. whatever it takes, a new start, dating, u there me where ever. i dont care, i want u back in my life forever. u said just to give u a lil bit of time., been a cple weeks now and i wander how u feel??? u dont call me u dont write me, its been a cple weeks and i still feel u in me. wtf, u told me that time would heal me, well it hasnt. im gettin worse every day. i hope ur happy with the emotional death u have caused me.

with a heavy heart,
ur true love


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