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On a date to lake side

we met in office... I never even used to say hi to him at the first.... and then days went by and we were in the same project and then we started talking to each other just the work point of view..

I was into morning shifts and used to come early to office.. I started liking him and then we used to go out for a coffee break together... days went by and he used to come early to office for me...and then we used to have break fast together... I used to wait for him everyday as he used to come by train and I knew the timing so even if he was a minute late i was curious and upset thinking where he was.

Then time went by and we exchanged our mobile numbers and we were like crazy sms-ing each other,every single minute.
even though I was in lieu i used to tell him where I was.

Then we started holding each others hands and talkin to each other..we were completley lost in each others eyes.
One fine day on my birthday I wore a green dress his fav and when he asked me why? I said I was giving you the green signal.But as we know men are always dumb! So he quite did not understand.. and then he proposed 15 days after my birthday!

We went on a date to lake side it was a lovely evening and he was holding my hands,and then he kissed my cheak and dint say a word....

I had no words ... I was completely blank... could'nt understand how to react and I just closed my eyes.He kissed me all over my face.. many times.. I just could feel his cold lips kissing me and ......

Then we went out to dinner and thats how we started our relationsip...

Those were the most beautiful days of my entire life hon...
I still love u and I still remember each and every moment I have spent with you....

I can still feel you!..Im sorry if I have done something wrong..I'm just a human and mistakes happen...I was always true to u sweet heart....please forgive me and come back...


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