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My love letter

My love letter-

On a day like today, I'm not happy. I'm having trouble understanding why we aren't together. We both know in our hearts that we can be. Something always brings me back to you, and you always come back to me. I crawl into your open arms everytime. I ask myself daily if I love you. Do I love you? Yes, yes, I do love you. You hold me without touch, and I continue to fall for you. What are you so scared of? I won't hurt you, I promise. Be with me. I can love you just as much as she can. I can be what you want. You can be with me. What's holding you back. I give you so much power by making myself so available. But I can't ignore my feelings. I can't ignore the butterflies you give me, or how it feels so right in your arms. I know you feel that too. You can't deny that. I see the way you look at me. You look, but you don't see. It sadens me to have to do this, but it's what I feel is best. I have to be the one to leave you now. It's me letting go this time, baby. I have to push you away, to get you to see. You'll see that I'm the one that truely wants you for you. I want you to want me, just me. Think about only me. Close yours eyes to me. So clear your heart and be with me. Before long, you'll realize you already knew. I know you can, but until then this is goodbye. The end of you and me. Show me what you want. Show me you love me too.
I love you, you know that. You always have.
I'm forever yours...I'll miss you until I see you again.
Don't forget.


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