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Pray she will be happy

I lost my love over a joint. 3 years of memories is all that i have left. I know that she is strong and will endure. I thought that i was too. Everyday i miss her more. Everyday the world gets darker for me. Everyday I want to change the past. Everyday i am afraid of my future, because she wont be part of it. Everyday i cry like a fool. She was my best friend, the person who i shared everything i had inside myself with. Then one day i started to get depressed, and it gradually got worse. The night that we broke up i went and got high. I thought that would help, it oonly made it worse. I knew how she felt about drugs, and i went and got high. After that she said that it made breaking up easier. I was devastated. The next day i attempted to shuut off my lights by taking a whole bunch of muscle relaxers at once. It didnt work, i am still here and still crushed. I love this woman more than i love anything else. I miss her. I let her go, and pray that she will be happy in her life.


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