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You don't know what you have until it is gone!

My name is Jasmin and I messed up a good relationship with a guy named kevin. When we weer dating, we were always together, y'know, so I went with him to chill at his friend's house, and for some odd reason, I thought tha tI would rather be with the friend, than with Kevin. I told the friend to tell Kevin that I didn't want him. Come to find out--the friend just wanted to have sex--we didn't, however. Kevin found out, but I was to guilty to respond, so I just left him alone. Several boyffriends later, I just started missing him after all of the other bad guys. And then, I started missing him. Several months later, I find myself still missing him. But the problem is, is that he will not forgive me. This sitution happenned almost a year ago, but he will not forgive me, but I love him.I have learned by my mistake, and that is to never talk to your man's friend, because you have to really think about the consequence. You don't know what you have until it is gone!


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