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Simple and glorious truth

Sometimes, it's hard to recognize that your own feelings aren't the only ones in the world. Sometimes you just get wrapped up in what you think should be right and wrong that you are blind to other's feelings... and then when you recognize your mistake, you feel so doubly awful that you only make things worse by being frustrated and confused. I am honestly disgusted that I let that happen. I can't excuse or explain myself, I can only offer you my deepest apologies, darling. I haven't been myself lately, and God only knows why. I shudder to think that I took any of that out on you in any way. You know you are my one and only, that my love for you is like nothing I've ever known before. There is nothing I can do to make this up to you other than to tell you the simple and most glorious truth - I am sorry for all of the misunderstandings and stresses of late, and through all of this nonsense one thing has remained constant, even if in hiding: I love you. Please forgive me, darling, and please hold me and love me and help me to feel like myself again... all it will take is to know that you still love me and want to be with me, despite all of the recent crap ^_^ Je t'aime, Brandon.


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