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Had to choose

I havn't done much that I'm proud of these past 6 months, and I've wanted to get this story off my chest for sometime now, so here it is...

A year ago or so, I had a "friend" that I was very fond of, and spoke to a lot whilst on the computer and on the phone, I secretly wanted more than friendship, but he had a girlfriend, who was all wrong for him, but regardless, he was in a relationship, and so it came to pass.

I then met my boyfriend, who was a close friend of my initial "friend". At first, I was happy, and fell in love with my boyfriend after time passed to some degree. Although, I secretly still had some feelings for my "friend".

My "friend" and his girlfriend broke up, for unknown reasons, and me and my "friend" became close once more. We spoke for hours on a daily basis. It was a secret of course, as my boyfriend would obviously not approve of me becoming close to another male that i had history with.

One day when I was with my boyfriend I recieved a text message from my "friend", and my bf read it. In this text, my "friend" confessed his love for me as he was slightly drunk, lol. My boyfriend and my "friend"'s relationship naturally grew distant, and my boyfriend was suspicious of my relationship with my inital "friend".

I began cheating on my boyfriend frequently with my "friend", as I had feelings for both men. It was exiting being secretive, yet I know it was wrong. I did have genuine feelings for my boyfriend, but I had more of an emotional connection with my "friend". I was stuck, what was I to do? People began to find out slowly about the love affair, one person would tell another, and so on. I had to choose...

Choosing although seemed like the hardest thing to do, so i continued playing the both, telling my "friend" I had finished my relationship with my boyfriend, and carrying on with my boyfriend normally, being cautious not to be spotted by one of my "friend"'s mates.

And here I am, to this day, in this pickle. I have cut my ties slightly with my boyfriend, and am now more focused on my relationship with my "friend". But ah, the plot thickens, my feelings for my "friend" have started to disappear after all this time, but after waiting for so long, I don't know how to disappoint my friend, and tell him i no longer love him. I now wish to be free, and escape this love triangle that i've tangled in.

Any suggestions?


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