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Levels of love

I'm sorry. When I told you that I didn't, I did. Very much, I just said that out of nervousness.

I love you with all my heart and could never tell you to your face that I didn't. It's soo clear that I love you, I can't even stop watching and looking at you, your soo beautiful. I didn't even know that you would feel the same way that I did.

You make me love you like no other. In no other way, shape, or form could I ever love another like I do to you.

When I realized that I hurt you, I realized that I ruin my future. That's what you are to me.

A million word still wouldn't be enough to describe how much I love and care for you.

Even 16 years old, I could look at you and tell that you are the one I would spend my whole life with and now that I have ruined your trust, I have ruined my life.

So I am on my knees crying, begging for your forgiveness. Feel my love that keeps you warm and night, that keeps a smile on your face, that keeps you focused on love, and that keeps you close to my heart.

I could tell you and show you that I love you and that still wouldn't express how I really feel about you. It goes beyond levels of love that can't be seen....


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