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I really miss you

It's been over two months..And it's the first night I feel like crying..No,nothing happened. I'm fine, remember? When you asked me if I'm fine,if everything's ok,all I could think of was..How could I..? You know,I saw my dad 2 days ago,I wanted to tell you, could I..? He talked to me with such a nerve,and remember how mad I was at him and how I started crying? He talked to me and I was angry and nervous and was avoiding him and still,when he left..there I was,a 2 year old kid just watching him leaving.. And I felt like he was taking my everything again with him and all I wanted to have right then was you.. And I'm not perfect, I'm not even good, and I know I ruined everything and if I was someone else I'd tell you not to come back.. But it's me,just spending my days.. And all I can think of is your arms,the way you used to open them and hold me in there. And the other day,I smiled the way you do with your lips closed and your eyes blink,you know, and then my face got frozen coz I miss that smile. I always say I'm gonna change but I don't even trust myself coz I've said it too many times.. And you,coming back..hell no,that's too perfect,but you know..I think sometimes I just look for someone who will come back,just to prove it's not the same. I miss you,really**


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