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Not teenage hormones

so i love this guy and im pretty sure he loves me back, although my friend hates him. yeterday we went to go race some go carts, me, him, my friend (a girl) and the guy that hates my bf...which is also the girl's ex. i guess i shouldnt have told my bf to come...but he was just upset and i hate seeing him upset it hurts me so much. especially knowing i caused it. :(. he gets really mad at me if i say anything negative about myself and i get why he does. i shouldnt call myself ugly or place my self lower than other ppl. i guess i just made that mistake once too many and i lost him for good now. and knowing him, he's a really strong person and i know he'll be fine without me...i just wont be. I guess after today i'll be fine as long as he's happy. he was my first kiss and i know this is more than teenage hormones. I love him to death and i want to be with him forever. But i lost all that because i acted stupid for the final time. i thought he was the one, and i know he is. Im just not the one for him. I gave him all my heart and i made the mistake of losing him. I feel so awful now and i deserve it. :(


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