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i have a best friend named ashley, i've known her for close to 5 years now. her and i ended up dating back in dec of 2005. we dated on and off for 3 months then ended up breaking up because my aunt found out that we were dating and my aunt was not so much into the whole lesbian scene back then. well now i'm dating this girl named logan, her and i have been dating for just over 2 months now. well about 3 weeks into us dating i spent the night over at ashley's house and it didn't seem like my girlfriend had a problem with it. they had both met each other already and everything seemed like it went fine with them. well i ended up spending the night at ashley's again and for some reason my girlfriend got really pissed at me and didn't talk to me at all during the day. well at first i didn't really understand why she had gotten so pissed off about the whole idea about me spending the night til like 2 days later when her and i got into a huge fight about it. so i found out that the only reason my girlfriend got pissed about the whole thing is cuz ashley was my ex, even though it was so long ago she was still my ex. so i would like to say that i am sorry to my girlfriend for not understanding hr on that situation of why she was so upset about it. so, baby, i'm sorry and i hope you accept my apology! i love you with all my heart.


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