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ok well there was this guy i meet a a church class i liked him and we would flirt alot a few weeks passed and he asked me out on oct 31 i said yea at the beginning it was just another relationship which i thought wud end in a week as did everyother one i had well we went out and a few weeks in a guys that was at my school started talkin to me and we decided to go out so we did and we wud call each other and kiss and hug and hold hands at school i really liked him cuz i never thought he wud talk to me and he said the same bout me we never really said i love u and thinkin back i never had said it or never really meant it but then i started to feel bad for the other guyand then i found out the guy from school was cheatin on me because he had sopossedly found out about me cheatin on him so he goes out with a gurl who just moved in cuz of her i lost a cute bf and alot of friends even my best friend we got into a fist fight and she talks behind my back alot well i cudent take it anymore the big secret so i told my boifriend and he was crushed he was so mad i felt horrible thats when i realized i liked him more than i thought a few months in i broke up with him because of my dad and met someone else i went out with this guy cuz my bf had done something horrible he went to talk to my dad and my parents didnt know about him i got in so much trouble and i was mad so i went out with him and after a few days we broke up but my bf was crushed once again a few months have passed and i havent done anything now i kantspend a day without talking to him i always think about him and i really reeally like him so much and if he did something to get pay bak i wudent blame him but man i never was the jelous type and know i get jelous for everything i think this relationship shud last i just hope he really does forgive me instead of him just sayin it i wonder if he trusts me anymore


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