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Forgive me

I was with my fiance for 5 years, 3 of them we were engaged. We were deeply in love, we had so many good times together. But just the other day she told me that we needed some time apart to evaluate our relationship and make sure that it was what we really wanted. My heart and my world was completely ripped away. I havn't slept in days I can't eat. She told me that I didn't make her feel happy anymore, and she was right. I would come home from work and just turn on the t.v. I never got into bed with her to cuddle or talk or maybe just rub her back because she had a long day too. I'm so sorry for the way I hurt her. No matter how many times I say i'm sorry I'll never be able to take back the pain I caused. We had so many good times but I messed up by not giving here enough time. I never wanted to go out, never wanted to go dancing, never wanted to go upstairs and just relax in the hottub. I'm so foolish. Such simple things and her and I could have been just as happy as we were before. I'm so sorry and I want her back. I'm love her more than life. I need to be, I want to be with her. She is a beautiful person. I just hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me for the pain I've cause and give me a second chance. To be the man that I should have been before


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